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Welcome to my page!



Welcome friends!

Thanks for visiting my page!

Well, let me fill you in a bit.

Morganna AKA Kellie is 27 and resides in sunny Canberra *not* in Australia!!!
Wholeheartedly the best country in the world to live in!!! *l*
No bias or anything!!! :)


Chatting in the Park!!!
Friends!!! (the people, and the show!!!)
My family!!! (most of the time anyway!!!)
Travel!!! (anywhere, anytime, anyplace)
Authurian Legend!!!
The Water: particularly Taupo NZ!!!
Photography : B&W.
Gary Larson-The Far Side

My Rel's Page

~ Pa and Nan(we miss you), Dad, Mum, Scott, Uncle Bill & Aunty Lynn, Darren, Karen, Amanda, Barry, Uncle Garry and Aunty Kim, Garry, Jason, Nathan, Uncle Geoff and Aunty Sue(we miss you), Rebecca, Danial, Adam, Rowan, Aunty Jan and Uncle Graham, Jarred and Dean, Uncle Jim, Jean and Katie ~

~ Jean(the grandmother I never knew), Aunty June and Uncle Don, Heather and Chris, Karl, Tony, Debbie, Kimberley, Craig, Don and Judy, ~